Development of Organizational Theatre Systems in Europe


Development of Organizational Theatre Systems

The material presented in this book forms part of a research project called Development of Organizational Theatre Systems in EU countries financed by the Polish National Science Centre. The study, carried out between 2013 and 2016, was aimed at describing organizational theatre systems in selected European countries. It began as a project with a Polish perspective on European theatre systems, but quickly expanded into an international group of researchers interested in the topic. This anthology presents the diversity of European systems, as reflected by the composition and work of the group.

Particular attention has been paid to diverse historical, political and social traditions, which affected the theatre systems in question. The development of each system is described in chronological order, supported by comprehensive examination of, for example, cultural policy and various forms of organization, their institutional, administrative and legal structures, as well as different sources of financing and subsidy. The focus of each research contribution is determined by the specific theatre system of each country: its history, political restrictions and cultural characteristics. However, the attempt to capture the complex and multifaceted structure of theatre systems has resulted in some general findings.

The readers may explore this book guided by interest in a certain country, the differences between countries, or the approach to the specific theatre system. Each chapter presents the development of the system with different amount of focus on historical, political, social and cultural conditions. The whole volume demonstrates that in each country the system was shaped in a specific way, dealing with indigenous circumstances, in response to recognized social needs. We hope that some solutions may be inspiring for the future strengthening of artistic institutions in Europe, but it is clear that none of these models are universal and can be transferred directly from one country to another.


The book […] provides an excellent overview of the theatre systems of Central, Eastern and Northern Europe. The contrast between the development of theatre organisations in five countries of the former Communist Block, on the one hand, and three Nordic countries with long histories of cultural policies, on the other hand, describes the far-reaching differences between two regions of the European Community. However, the countries within both of these regions demonstrate a wide variety of strategies that have been applied in order to cope with changing political developments. This is one of the central ideas of the book: to show that similar political turning points – the end of Communism and the post-WWII expansion, respectively – can result in very different solutions concerning cultural politics. To illuminate the complexities of such developments, the authors presenting the eight countries have chosen varying approaches, which makes the book very readable: new perspectives are offered in chapter after chapter. A few examples can illustrate the variety of presentations.

– prof. Willmar Sauter


Table of contents:

Part 1. Changeability – Theatre Systems in Central and Eastern Europe
Karolina Prykowska-Michalak, “Susceptible to changes” theatre system in Central and Eastern Europe
Karolina Prykowska-Michalak, Theatre organization system in Poland since 1980s
Ina Pukelytė, Comparison of the Efficiency of Lithuanian State and Private Theatres
Sylwia Czachór, Stagione as a Popular Organizational System in the Contemporary Czech Theatre
Krištof Jacek Kozak, Contemporary (non)transformations in the Slovenian Theatre System
Ioana Tamas, Reform free of change. The Romanian Theatre System After the Fall of Communism
Part 2. Sustainability – Theatre Systems in Nordic Countries
Rikard Hoogland, The Nordic example: sustainable theatre systems?
Laura Gröndahl, The Amateur Roots of the Finnish Theatre System
Alette Scavenius, Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen, Private Initiative in the Development of the Danish Theatre System
Daria Skjoldager-Nielsen, Rikard Hoogland, The Development of the Swedish Theatre System


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